Harry Pretorius


Director of one of the world’s only Tier 1 AI R&D labs:

  • Operating in colab with leading Universities in South Africa
  • Project oversight of 16 full time AI/Big Data/Robotics developers, engineers and computer scientists.
  • 30-40 projects under management and development at any given time.

Ultra-rapid R&D at the “bleeding edge” of all emerging technologies, such as:

  • Stand-alone Wi-Fi protocol for enabling big data collection from IOT in place never before possible.
  • Advanced UAV surveillance and monitoring for agri-farms, power grids, etc.
  • Virtual reality training of veterinary surgeons.
  • Sonar machine learning.
  • iBeaconing.
  • Advanced communication platform enablement on mobile network.
  • Big data strategies and visualization approaches.

Email: harry@mtggroup.com
Cell: (072) 325 2721