CIO Challenge JHB Speakers 2017

ITC Conferences 20


ITC Conferences 10 Candice Sutherland
Candice Sutherland is the Business
Development Underwriter at iToo Special Risks iToo is the specialist underwriting…
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sharon Abdul Baba
Abdul has worked in IT for most of his
career and was appointed as the Group IT Director for the TBWA Group…
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sharon Louise van der Bank
Louise van der Bank was appointed as Chief Information Officer of AfriSam in
September 2010…
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harry_pretorius Harry Pretorius
Director of one of the world’s only Tier 1 AI R&D labs: Operating in colab with leading Universities in South Africa; Project over…
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sharon Lucy Montague
Rich multi-disciplinary international management experience across a number of industry sectors, ranging from software…
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mra_nyo Mra Nyo
Accountable for SBG’s privacy compliance globally, continually developing SBG’s
privacy compliance programme in line with…
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amanda Amenda Makhetha
Makhetha who’s a Corporate Attorney by profession was recently appointed by an award winning…
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amanda Johann Marx
Catalyst for bleeding edge technology change in an organisation and have proven…
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amanda Cuan Kloppers
Cuan has a passion for enabling the
“business of tomorrow” with an Innovative Business Strategy…
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amanda Kevin McKerr
Kevin McKerr is an internationally
recognised cyber security expert with thought-leadership in…
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amanda Russell Opland
A global privacy expert in the practical
resolution of business challenges
associated with privacy legislation…
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amanda Craig Jones
Innovator, Strategy and business focused, Pragmatic Approach, Team Leader
Experienced in…
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amanda Anthony Butler
Chief Technical Officer, IBM Cloud.
Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM), Member of IBM Academy of Technology…
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amanda Johan Eloff
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