CIO Challenge – April

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The conference will also provide an exclusive opportunity for attendees to discover effective enterprise solutions, meet with seasoned
Information Officers, partake in open floor discussions as well as

share experiences with various industry sector peers from the Public and Private Sectors including Finance, ICT, Government, Transport,
Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare to mention but a few.

The format of the CIO Challenge CT event is based on
interaction and learning
over the one day where the audience will hear from industry leaders as well as have the opportunity to engage in open floor discussions and gain valuable insight from these

The conference will also provide a unique and exclusive business-to-business platform for IT executives
and industry leaders to network and engage.

Please find below info on the upcoming CIO Challenge taking place at The River Club in Cape Town.


Key discussions in our agenda include the current challenges facing Heads of IT with Cybersecurity Act & Data Breach Penalties,
POPI & GDPR Act Implementation, IOT, BI & AI, Managing Multi Cloud Deployments, Digital Disruption & Digital Transformation


Peter Du Plooy – CIO Engen -Organisational change and realigning strategy to support digital innovation.

This paper covers the principles of redesign and reorganisation of key high level organisational structures that result from a realignment of strategy being driven by the need to adopt a digital approach to business.

The paper initiates the discussion on the need to revisit and realign corporate strategies in response to digital competition. This in turn drives a reassessment of processes, systems and structure. In this session you will hear about the case for change, strategic alignment, digital integration and structural change principles.

Dr Jacques Ludik – Founder & Chairman MIIA – Current challenges facing CIO’s with IOT.

Christoff Pienaar – Director Technology – Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr – Final preparation for POPI & GDPR Implementation. (GDPR commences 28 May 18)

Dr Barry Devlin – Founder & Principal – 9sight – The shift from BI (Business Intelligence) to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The progression in BI/analytics through descriptive, operational, diagnostic, predictive to prescriptive is often used as an indication of organisational maturity in decision making support. With digitalisation of business ongoing, the advice is generally that we must aspire to the prescriptive level—to influence and direct customer and other behaviour. But how?

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are delivering algorithms that can outperform humans in many types of analysis and that can make decisions and take action unaided by mere people. Barry Devlin explores what it might mean for BI if/when self-service is displaced by bot-service.

Building or rebuilding an Information Systems division in today’s corporate world can involve many factors, all of which need to be taken into consideration when beginning the planning phase. Short-term and long-term planning both have to receive equal priority, even though the priorities are often in stark contrast to each other. While all of this is progressing, innovation and industry standard compliance issues & ideas need to be considered and brought into the base framework from an early stage. We will explore how this is all thrown together into one hypothetical pot and stirred until a functional, compliant and efficient Information Systems division emerges.

Peter Walsh – CommsCloud

Alan Moon – Head Business Continuity Information Systems & Technology City of Cape Town- Cybersecurity prevention strategy and insights into new Cybersecurity Act!

Richard Mulholland – CEO Missing Link – Beware of the Fox

Artificial Intelligence, drones, autonomous vehicles, the mighty Fourth Industrial Revolution, all of these are set to completely disrupt our world. The futurists will tell you that you need to disrupt or die. However is IR4.0 really the killer? He doesn’t think so. In this thought-provoking counterpoint to the fear-mongering, Richard Mulholland presents an alternative view on what’s really dangerous, and it turns out it’s stuff that your people can actually do something about.

Collin Mamdoo – Principal Specialist – IoT (Vodacom Western Cape)

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