Amenda Makhetha


  • Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
  • Director of Makhetha-Ngcobo Attorneys
  • Renowned Global Public Speaker
  • Recipient of Women 2 Women Award as KZN’s Phenomenal Woman of 2015

Makhetha who’s a Corporate Attorney by profession was recently appointed by an award winning Company as their Group Data Privacy Compliance Manager.  This is a new office where she has been designated to establish the in-house department in South Africa and in the Regional Service Offices based in USA, Australia, UAE, UK, Brazil, CT, Romania and Africa. MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions delivered as SaaS to customers in approximately 120 countries and is listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in the New York Stock Exchange.   She is a former Director of a Boutique Law firm which dealt predominantly with corporate and civil matters, Makhetha -Ngcobo Attorneys.

This young brilliant mind followed her passion and enrolled for her Law Studies Part-time at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal also known as UKZN, whilst employed by Bright Idea Projects wherein she worked as a Project Manager who successfully executed the mission of the organization, whose mandate was to promote economic growth through various development projects whilst ensuring sustainability. Upon completion and Pre-admission, Makhetha practiced as a Legal Advisor for a Corporate before a Commercial Law Firm where she served as an Associate Attorney, post admission.

To-date she has obtained a full circle view of the law spectrum in her field of expertise, with Key Qualifications including:
knowledge and experience in the execution of Judicial Acts, Commercial law, Commercial Agreements and Compliance Management,
Dispute resolutions, interpersonal skills, research, conflict & risk management, monitoring AML, Global Data Privacy, POPI, PAIA, CRMP’S,
Policy Drafting and Review, Compliance Reviews, Reports facilitation & presentations. She has attained a qualification in
Cyber Security (UCT 2017) and in process of attaining her CompliancePrac (2017).

It has been said that: “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”, hence it’s crucial to note that Makhetha’s leadership benefits not only the community but also her expertise contributes to the country’s economy, for this legal scholar trail blazes ahead through numerous professional boards she sits on. Having been involved in various community outreach movements, her passion is evident in the execution when it comes to matters of empowerment, especially young people where she tirelessly pushes to instil values in them.   This is backed up by experiences in several committees, some which she led for a period of time. We mark her recent ones where she headed the Youth division at Oasis Church, an NPO, involved in community outreach projects directed at youth empowerment (600+ learners).

On a personal level, she is highly motivated and ambitious. She has a sparkling and pleasurable personality. She is focused, assertive, disciplined, zealous, immaculately presented and well versed. She’s a natural leader and a people’s person. Although she works well independently, she also possesses good communication skills with an ability to interact with people from all walks of life, at all levels.

Makhetha has passion for Politics and Current affairs; with great media personality that appeals to viewers of a wide market segmentation.

“He who has a peace of mind disturbs neither himself nor another” Epicurus